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19th century predictions of the world in 2000

By Dwaipayan, 19 January 2021

  Thinking about the future fascinates one and all. People living in the 20th century were noisy about what the future would hold. Fre

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Fat is intelligence! Bizarre brain facts you need to know

By Dwaipayan, 18 January 2021

Our brain keeps the body running all day long. The brain is part of the central nervous system and receive tons of information every microse

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Water trading on Wall Street– Basic human right under threat

By Dwaipayan , 17 December 2020

In the inauguration of the International Conference on Water Management organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Water Resources in 2

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The use of BIG data in Education

By Dwaipayan , 15 December 2020

Learning has changed from a passive to an active experience. Big data has gained huge momentum, particularly in the education sector. The tr

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Time Management Skills, Microlearning, App Planner and More – 7 Best Tips For Students To Stay Focused

By Kongara Himabindu, 09 December 2020

Think of the last-minute preparation, and a few of us thought if we could buy some extra time – Students must prioritize and stay focu

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How I over came failure or How I became successful

By Shalini K, 18 January 2021

Failure is inevitable. It’s very unlikely that one has succeeded without tasting failure at one point or the ot...


Delegation: Path to Great Leadership

By Shalini K, 12 January 2021

The first step towards leadership is making the shift from doing to leading.Mastering delegation is the secret of gre...


Courage defines true leadership – One man with courage makes a majority

By Dwaipayan, 11 January 2021

Courage emanates from tough situations - fundamentally it is the strength of heart. A strong heart is said to be asso...


3 Mantras for Success: Health, Goals and Persistence

By Shalini K, 08 January 2021

Success has been eluding many. People try different things like hiring a mentor or a coach, attending workshops, read books, take courses etc to ac...


Top 10 On-Demand Courses for IT Professionals

Technologies are ever-changing. We want to keep ourselves updated and not just update software! It’s a relentless chore to sift through everything out the...

Absence of Research & Development Ecosystem in India – A perspective

R&D challenges in India are deeper: As per all India survey on higher education, 2017-18 by MHRD, only 3.6% colleges run Ph.D. programme and 36.7% coll...