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Tips to be successful at work

By Prasanna, 11 February 2016

Image Credits: http://en.amerikanki.com/ Getting a job and descending into the workforce daily don't give the happiness an employer wan

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These 5 habits may be leading you to failure, avoid them instantly

By Prasanna, 09 February 2016

Image Credits: http://99u.com/ The best part of the life is even when failures are all set to hit you hard, you can change them into succ

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What Are The Habits of Successful People?

By Prasanna, 23 January 2016

Image Credits: www.virtue-marketing.com Habits, they are the background dots in figuring out what a person is made of. Their impact is en

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What successful people don't do?

By Prasanna, 21 January 2016

Img credits: https://pixabay.com/en/photos/success/ Success is not something that enters your life within a day or two, it is a perpetual

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Coaching Vs Training – What’s the Difference?

By Ravi Kumar V, 27 February 2021

You’ve probably heard of getting training in technical domains, but what about coaching?


Fossil footprints: If stones could speak what would they tell?

By Paramita Muller Lahiri from Munich Germany, 25 February 2021

Fossils are the footprints in the page of lingering memory. A leaflet in the tale of history of the earth. Remains of...


How Covid-19 changed the rules of the game

By Dwaipayan, 18 February 2021

The traditional provider of a doctor’s chamber visit for evaluation and management of chronic diseases has been...


Yesterday a failure, today a Winner

By Dwaipayan, 13 February 2021

We see a lot of successful people around us, and we are amazed to see their highlight reel, but few talk about their ...


Top 10 On-Demand Courses for IT Professionals

Technologies are ever-changing. We want to keep ourselves updated and not just update software! It’s a relentless chore to sift through everything out the...

Absence of Research & Development Ecosystem in India – A perspective

R&D challenges in India are deeper: As per all India survey on higher education, 2017-18 by MHRD, only 3.6% colleges run Ph.D. programme and 36.7% coll...



Business Referrals Meeting with Effective Presentation Skills Practice and with feedback from experts

Seminar / Event Date: Feb 05, 2021 - Feb 06, 2021


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